creating the work

antinous louvre crop
Act I: Christopher Sokolowski
Act II: Tommy Wazelle

Cory Clines

Act I: Kimberly Sogioka
Act II: Stephanie McGuire

Brian Mextorf

Elisabeth Turchi

Act I: Brennan Hall
Act II: David Stanley

Caroline Worra

High Priest
Act I: Brad Baron
Act II: Jeff Caldwell

Dennis Blackwell
Seth Gilman
Jonathan Hill
Jia Ling
Jennifer Behnke

Creating the Work – ANTINOUS AND HADRIAN

A new opera, with full cast and orchestra, assembled on the spot, hosted by composer Clint Borzoni, librettist Edward Ficklin, and conductor Jennifer Peterson, in collaboration with NYC’s Queer Urban Orchestra.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013, 7pm – Prologue and Act I, scenes 1-4

Thursday, August 29, 2013, 7pm – Act I, scenes 5-8

Saturday, September 7, 2013, 4pm – Act II

Church of the Holy Apostles, in Chelsea, New York City

296 Ninth Avenue, at 28th Street, NYC 10001

$10 tickets, at the door or at Brown Paper Tickets

Clint Borzoni and Edward Ficklin’s Antinous and Hadrian tells the compelling story of the second century Roman emperor Hadrian and his love for the Greek youth Antinous {an-ti’-no-uhs}. It examines the mystery behind the tragic death of the young Antinous. Upon his death, the distraught Emperor declared his beloved a god. Drawing on both historical sources and dramatic imagination, Clint and Eddy have crafted a new work in the grand opera tradition.

Please join operamission and our impressive cast and orchestra for this exceptional event.

creating antinous program

season press release 2013-’14


press release

instrumentalists – call for orchestral players

G+ photo album of the cast


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