handel at the gershwin, march 2010

Wednesday March 3 – HANDEL at the Gershwin

Click to view the postcard or the press release

the singers – Amy van Roekel, Caroline Worra, Alteouise deVaughn, Daniel Bubeck, Matthew Garrett, David Salsbery Fry

the orchestra – Joan Plana, Beth Wenstrom, Audrey Selph, Ezra Seltzer, led from the harpsichord by Jennifer Peterson

Upcoming Friday & Saturday, April 2 & 3 – OPERA IN FLIGHT: new scenes & one-acts

the operasMargot Alone in the Light (based on Ray Bradbury’s ‘All Summer in a Day’), staged with orchestra; Anniversary, staged with orchestra; excerpts from Paradises Lost (in-progress, based on Ursula Le Guin’s novella by the same name), concert reading with orchestra; and ‘Forms of Flight’ for solo clarinet

the creators – composers Clint Borzoni, Edward Ficklin, Stephen Andrew Taylor, George Flynn; librettists Emily Conbere and Marcia Johnson

the performers – Martha Guth, Elizabeth Brooks, Lisa Williamson, Emily Howard, Kimberly Sogioka, Alteouise deVaughn, Andrew Drost, Dennis Blackwell, Andrew Nolen, Nathan Wentworth, Cory Tiffin, Aurélien Pederzoli, Philip Wharton, Audrey Selph, Nick Buonincontri, Alan Berquist, Keith Kreindler and more, conducted by Jennifer Peterson

the directors – Scott C. Embler and Emily Howard

Please come and invite friends, even folks new to opera! $20 cover at the door, café (Birch Coffee) serving wine, beer, & delicious snacks off the lobby, co-presented by Neke Carson. The Gershwin Hotel is located in New York City at 7 E. 27th St, which is just east of 5th Avenue and the ‘Museum of Sex‘ in the Flatiron District.

Thank you for supporting operamission.

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