antinous and hadrian

Composer Clint Borzoni and librettist Edward Ficklin


Clint Borzoni Edward Ficklin

have written a full-length opera about the second century Roman emperor Hadrian and his love for the Greek youth Antinous. The work was commissioned and developed by operamission and Jennifer Peterson.

The compelling story examines the mystery behind the tragic death of Antinous. Upon his death, the distraught Emperor declared his beloved a god.

The approach…

Drawing on both historical sources and dramatic imagination, Clint and Edward have crafted a new work in the grand opera tradition. Compelling leads, full-bodied choral scenes and a full orchestra will make this an opera to remember.

The progress so far…

The libretto and the full orchestral score are complete.  The piano score is in progress, and scenes are being workshopped and details tweaked as this reduction is completed.  Stay tuned for updates and information on readings and preview events.

Sponsorship opportunities…

To sponsor the creation of the work, visit the operamission support page or be in direct contact Jennifer Peterson, director of operamission. The patronage of generous and enlightened individuals ensures the survival of our favorite and beloved art form.

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