caroline’s bird aria

orlando trio

dan bubeck’s ‘verdi allori’

lotario duet – amy & dan

amy & ezra’s morgana (partial)

matt garrett’s oronte, act I

laodice from siroe – amy van roekel

alteouise, ‘all’orror’ from ottone

serse scene

berenice duet – amy & caroline

dan bubeck’s ‘stille amare’

keith jameson – tonight at eight

keith jameson – pure imagination

keith jameson – what more do I need

Some Handel audio samples:

abby – “svegliatevi”

randall – “cor ingrato”

Songs by Clint Borzoni:

caroline – “oh you”

matt worth – “think not of it”

and one more song, sung by mezzo-soprano Jennifer Berkebile on Clint’s YouTube channel:

“met this guy”

And here is a sneak-peek at Caroline sight-reading an aria, ink still wet, which is in the process of becoming thematic material of Clint Borzoni’s opera-in-progress, Antinous and Hadrian:

caroline/clara reading session

Live Performance: “it is my song that’s flown…”

All new music

Sunday, March 1, 2009, 7:00 p.m., Fort Greene, Brooklyn

soprano Alissa Rose and Jennifer Peterson, piano

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