the great good thing

During September and October of 2014 operamission is workshopping a new opera by composer Bruce Wolosoff and librettist Debbie Danielpour.

The Great Good Thing is a wonderful new family opera based on Roderick Townley’s book by the same name.

An opera about a book…

The characters of a fairy tale kingdom come to life with twists and unusual adventures, involving an outspoken princess and the book’s young reader.

A fateful mistake is made when Princess Sylvie disobeys her father’s orders: Never look at the reader! Once Sylvie breaks the rules, she enters the reader’s thoughts and dreams. Complications and crises ultimately threaten the book’s very existence, a tumult felt through Wolosoff’s tuneful spinnings and Danielpour’s potent lyrics.

Because the work has not yet been produced on stage, operamission will spend these weeks delving into the musical and dramatic content in close collaboration with the creative team. The workshop cast features mezzo-sopranos Kathryn Krasovec, Kimberly Sogioka, and Jane Shaulis, with soprano Jennifer Roberts Jenkins, tenor Iván Rivera de Beltrán, baritone Mark Womack, bass Cory Clines, and introducing Daniel Song. Music direction is by Jennifer Peterson.

Workshop sessions are private; to find out more about The Great Good Thing, please contact operamission or the composer.

Debbie Danielpour, librettistBruce Wolosoff, composer



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