as 2016 ends

To recap a year of fun and hard work…

We mounted a concert production of Handel’s Rinaldo (HWV 7) at Merkin Concert Hall in June, and received some wonderful reviews and feedback. Before we launch HWVs 8 and 9, we decided to offer a series of free concerts of Handel opera pastiches at the 53rd Street Library, and ended up doing four one-hour pastiches throughout the Fall, one per month.

dec-photo-circle-brad-baronoperamission thanks the following artists for their parts in building this creative process: David Bakamjian, Jessica Bowers, Cory Clines, Paul Goodwin-Groen, Nicole Guberman, Jennifer Roberts Jenkins, Brennan Hall, Adam Klein, Brooke Larimer, Ben Matus, Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen, Brendan Ratchford, Jordan Rutter, Kimberly Sogioka, Christopher Sokolowski, Matthew Truss, Amelia Watkins, and Michael Weyandt. And thank you to John Flood at the NYPL for hosting us and inviting us back each month!

pistachio banners.jpg

We covered 21 operas in four concerts, co-curated by countertenor Jordan Rutter and conductor Jennifer Peterson. Please scroll down for more photos and complete details of these amazing baroque opera adventures.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you happen to represent any kind of educational institution or presenting organization, we are offering the team of Jennifer Peterson, Jordan Rutter, and Jeff Caldwell as a service to build a Handel pasticcio around your specific needs. We can make it happen with anywhere from one to twenty singers, and any number of instrumentalists. Please contact Jennifer at operamission if you think this sounds like fun.

Please show your support to Handel’s music and the future of operamission by making your tax deductible contribution through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. Thank you!

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